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Nursing Diagnosis and Nursing Interventions for Appendicitis

Acute appendicitis is the most common cause of acute inflammation in the lower right quadrant of the abdominal cavity, the most common causes of emergency abdominal surgery (Smeltzer, 2001).

Appendicitis is a condition in which infection occurs in the appendix. In mild cases may recover without treatment, but many cases require laparotomy with removal of the infected appendix. If untreated, the mortality rate is quite high, due to peritonitis and shock when an infected appendix destroyed. (Anonymous, Appendicitis, 2007)

Nursing Diagnosis for Appendicitis

  1. Ineffective Breathing Pattern related to the act of anesthetics.
  2. Acute Pain related to the surgical incision.
  3. Risk for Fluid Volume Deficit associated with vomiting.
  4. Imbalanced Nutrition: Less than Body Requirements related to anorexia.
  5. Risk of Infection related to surgical incision.

Nursing Diagnosis for Appendicitis

Risk for infection related to an inadequate primary defenses, perforation, peritonitis secondary to inflammatory processes.

Nursing Interventions for Appendicitis

  • Assess and record the quality, location and duration of pain. Beware of the pain becomes severe.
  • Monitor and record vital signs of the increase in temperature, pulse, breathing fast and shallow existence.
  • Assess the abdomen against the rigidity and distention, decreased bowel sounds.
  • Perform wound care with aseptic technique.
  • See incision and bandage. Record the drainage characteristics of the wound / drain, erythema.
  • Collaboration: antibiotics

Nursing Diagnosis for Appendicitis

Acute Pain related to distention of intestinal tissue by inflammation, a surgical incision

Nursing Interventions for Appendicitis

  • Assess pain. Record the location, characteristics of pain.
  • Keep the rest in semi-Fowler position.
  • Suggest to early ambulation.
  • Teach diaphragmatic breathing techniques to slow to help release muscle tension.
  • Avoid pressure popliteal area.
  • Give antiemetic, analgesic according to the program.

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Nursing Care Plan for Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is a serious allergic reaction that is rapid in onset and may cause death. It typically causes a number of symptoms including an itchy rash, throat swelling, and low blood pressure. Common causes include insect bites and stings, foods, and medications.

On a mechanistic level, anaphylaxis is caused by the release of mediators from certain types of white blood cells triggered by either immunologic or non-immunologic mechanisms. It is diagnosed on the basis of the presenting symptoms and signs. The primary treatment is injection of epinephrine, the administration of intravenous fluids, and positioning the person flat, with other measures being complementary.

Anaphylaxis typically presents many different symptoms over minutes or hours with an average onset of 5 to 30 minutes if exposure is intravenous and 2 hours for foods. The most common areas affected include: skin (80–90%), respiratory (70%), gastrointestinal (30–45%), heart and vasculature (10–45%), and central nervous system (10–15%)[5] with usually two or more being involved.

Nursing Diagnosis for Anaphylaxis

1. Impaired gas exchange related to ventilation perfusion imbalance.
characterized by: shortness of breath, tachycardia, flushing, hypotension, shock, and bronchospasm.

2. Altered tissue perfusion related to decreased blood flow secondary to vascular disorders due to anaphylactic reactions.
characterized by: palpitations, skin pale, cold acral, hypotension, angioedema, arrhythmias, ECG features horizontal and inverted T waves.

3. Ineffective breathing pattern related to the swelling of the nasal mucosa wall
characterized by: shortness of breath, breath with the lips, there rhinitis.

4. Acute pain related to gastric irritation
characterized by: abdominal pain, looked grimacing while holding stomach.

5. Impaired skin integrity related to changes in circulation
characterized by: swelling and itching of the skin and the nose, there are hives, urticaria, and runny nose.

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Choosing the Best Louisville Elderly Homecare

As people grow old, they become weaker and their health deteriorates significantly. They lose the ability to handle the daily chores around the home and sometimes they are unable to take care of themselves at all.

As people grow old, they become weaker and their health deteriorates significantly. They lose the ability to handle the daily chores around the home and sometimes they are unable to take care of themselves at all. When they reach this stage they should not be left on their own. They need specialized care which most of the times cannot be provided by the members of the family. It is difficult to break the news to a parent or grandparent that they need elderly homecare, but one should not hesitate to take advantage of Louisville elderly homecare providers for professional help.

One needs to take time and look around carefully when planning to hire Louisville elderly homecare providers for our beloved old members. The homecare givers in question should be able to provide homecare services that are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of any particular elderly person. Their personal caregivers should be available several hours a day or round the clock depending on the clients requirements. It is also advisable that the Louisville elderly homecare providers have amongst their ranks certified nursing assistants and home health aides who can be called to the home or assisted living facility to care for the elderly.

Any professional outfit dealing with Louisville elderly homecare must ensure that all their caregivers are thoroughly screened and vetted. This includes confirmation of all academic and professional credentials and a thorough criminal background check. One must be careful with these caregivers as some may be criminals who are out to take advantage of the vulnerability and helplessness of the elderly. Elderly healthcare is best handled by professionals which is why it is important to have qualified people. In addition, they should display patience, kindness and compassion when dealing with the elderly. There are several Louisville elderly homecare providers who meet these qualifications.

A good Louisville elderly homecare outfit should ensure that all its caregivers are bonded and insured to protect against cases of theft or any arising lawsuits. The company should also ensure that it holds regular in-house training to ensure its caregivers are up to date with the current skills and industry guidelines. Caregivers need care too, and it is up to the company to handle this aspect if its employees are to remain productive. The caregivers sometimes handle sick people so they get exposed. The whole elderly homecare business is very stressful so the mental health of caregivers should also be taken care of.

Louisville elderly homecare providers will help in many different ways that will prove to be very convenient for those who hire their services. They can be called to keep the elderly company when the other members of the family have gone to work or school. They can monitor the elderly to make sure they regularly take their medication since elderly people tend to be very forgetful. Louisville homecare givers are available round the clock and can also help with running errands and doing housework for elderly people who are unable to do so.


Lou Hatten is the author of this article on Louisville Elderly Home Care.
Find more information on Louisville Live-In Care here.


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Importance Of Choosing The Best Senior Care in Hiram Ga Provider

Many people play the role of caregiver to their senior parents according to recently conducted statistics. In a survey recently conducted, about 97% seniors above the age of 50 stated that in their old age, they would prefer to remain at home, rather than being moved into institutional care. Even though senior care centers have improved in the last few years, senior parents prefer to remain in their familiar surroundings. Self caregivers find it difficult to provide care continuously and taking care of two households can become demanding. This is why many people turn towards outside help such as in home care in West Ga.

Advantages Of In Home Care In Dallas Ga

Many self caregivers are turning for help to in home care in Dallas Ga. Self care giving is not an easy job and senior care in West Ga relieves the family and allows them to spend good quality time with their senior parents. Seniors can remain in their comfortable environment and not have to shift to an unknown area. they continue to live the same life and be surrounded by friends and family. Senior care in Hiram Ga provide several personnel services to senior citizen such as:
1.Assistance in the bathroom
2.Help with personal hygiene, including bathing and dressing
3.Observing and recording vital signs
4.Preparation of meals
5.Observation of health
6.Medication reminders
9.Pharmacy errands and grocery shopping

Introducing Senior Care In West Ga To Senior Parents

Exercise sensitivity when deciding to introduce an outsider to your senior parents. Make certain that they do not feel like you are shoving your responsibilities on an outsider or that you don’t care. Take slow steps towards homecare transition. Senior parents prefer to have their families close by and on hand rather than a complete stranger. As time goes by, seniors will become familiar to the routine of homecare and will even enjoy the person’s companionship. The homecare worker can provide many things to the senior parent, that sometimes families are unable to do. It is stated that aging parents enter their second childhood, probably as a result of basic physical health care. You can minimize this from happening by introducing senior care in Hiram Ga into your senior parents home.

Establishing Emotional Stability In Getting Senior Care In Dallas Ga

Meet your homecare worker along with your senior parent in order to establish a first good impression. Show your homecare worker where the medicinal supplies and other supplies are stored in at the house. Answer any question the homecare provides asks of you. keep in mind, that you are handing over your parent’s life into this stranger’s hands. It is vital that you begin on a good footing and create a comfortable feeling for the homecare provider.

Agree on a list of services the in home care in Hiram Ga worker will provide. If you want to add extra services, remember that these will have to be paid for. Give your contact details to the homecare worker so that you are contactable at any time, in case of an emergency. Make certain that your homecare provider fully comprehends what exactly you expect of them.


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Homecare services Choosing The Best Nursing Facility For You Loved One

If you have loved ones that are ageing and you cannot look after them at home, then one of the alternatives is a nursing home. No one really loves the idea of placing their relatives in a nursing home, but there are some great ones that provide amazing care that is medically and personally of the utmost quality. Selecting the best nursing home for you loved one is easier if you know what to look out for.

One consideration to take into account is a location where you will be able to visit your loved one on a regular basis. This will provide peace of mind for you as well as being much better for your relative. There are also a variety of levels of care that are provided by nursing homes and knowing thoroughly the level of care that your relative needs will also help you to make a shortlist of possibilities.

The most important thing that you can do is some research into the facility that you ultimately choose. You should visit the homes and thoroughly investigate the facilities that are on offer in the home. Spend as much time as you can there and observe some of the residents of the home to see how spritely and well cared for they seem.

When you visit the nursing homes you should have a list of questions prepared to ask the staff at the center. As well as asking questions make sure that you watch how the staff interact with the residents and whether the staff seem relaxed or overworked.

A good nursing home will also have a number of activities that are planned throughout the week in order to keep the residents active, involved and alert. It is worth talking to the diversional therapist at the center in order to find out what activities and events are planned on a regular basis.

Selecting the best nursing home for you loved one is a difficult choice, but if you do some research, then you will be able to make an educated choice and find a home where you and your relative are both happy.

homecare services

home healthcare providers

There are numerous top quality facilities to choose from when you need care for a loved one. Selecting the best nursing homes becomes easier when you read more health care articles on the subject.
homecare services: caregiver agencies

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By eldercare933

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Blocking Cholesterol Could Eliminate Deadly Brain Cancer Cells

Blocking cancer cells’ cholesterol supply could offer a new strategy to treat deadly glioblastoma. (Image: stuartbur/

By discovering how a deadly form of brain cancer is supplied with cholesterol, researchers have uncovered a potential new strategy to treat glioblastoma.

Their study, published online today in the journal Cancer Discovery, is part of a growing cancer research effort aimed at starving cancer cells of blood and other life-sustaining components rather than killing them outright.
“Our data demonstrate that glioblastoma cells need large amounts of cholesterol to grow and to survive,” said lead investigator Paul Mischel, MD, of the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles.
“This is not surprising, considering the critical role of cholesterol in making new membranes, of which rapidly growing tumors need a lot,” he added.
Mischel and his colleagues studied glioblastoma cells in animals and in tissue taken from patients with cancer. They found that a mutation in the gene that encodes epidermal growth factor revs up a signaling pathway known as PI3K, which triggers increased production of low-density lipoprotein that feeds cancer cells. They were able to activate a transcription factor that pumped cholesterol out of the cancer cells and caused their death.
“Our findings suggest that the development of drugs to target this pathway may lead to significantly more effective treatments for patients with this lethal form of brain cancer,” Mischel noted.
Glioblastoma is among the most deadly of all cancers. Median survival from the time of diagnosis is 12 to 15 months, even with aggressive therapy. Some patients with glioblastoma respond well to initial treatment, but quickly become resistant to therapy.
“Because this pathway is activated in other types of cancer, this work may have significant implications for a broad range of cancer types,” Mischel said.
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FDA Blocks Sale of Supplements for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's

WASHINGTON — The FDA filed a permanent injunction against two Minnesota companies that distributed amino acid products marketed as treatments for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and a number of other neurological disorders.

West Duluth Distribution subsidiaries CHK Nutrition and NeuroResearch Clinics were observed marketing amino acid products for the treatment of “neurotransmitter diseases” in July 2010 during an FDA inspection.

The products were also marketed as being useful in “amino-acid therapy” to treat Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, fibromyalgia, and other conditions, according to a September 2010 review of the two companies’ websites, the FDA said in a statement.

The FDA warned the two companies to stop making unapproved drug claims about the supplements, which the groups failed to do. A follow-up review of the companies’ websites in February 2011 found persistent unverified medical claims about the offending products.

The injunction, filed on Sept. 13, prohibits the distribution of the amino acid products until the product claims are removed from the companies’ websites and their removal is reviewed and cleared by an independent investigator. Should the subsidiaries fail to comply, the FDA can order the companies to stop all distribution of the advertised products.

“Until these companies meet FDA requirements, they will no longer be able to process or distribute their products,” Dara Corrigan, the FDA’s associate commissioner for regulatory affairs, said in the statement.

By Cole Petrochko, Associate Staff Writer, MedPage Today

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Holistic Health Tips

Facts about menopause
Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS)
Diabetes : A Holistic Approach
Nutrition For Healthy Skin
The Detox Diet

Holistic Health Tips

Well begun is half done. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Cut out all starchy foods like white bread, pasta, potatoes to reduce calorie intake. Look out for a tip on fruits tomorrow.

Today is Day 2 of your program. Avoid fruits like bananas, chickoos, grapes & mangoes. Have the whole fruit instead of the juice. Tip on healthy snacking tomorrow.

Snack on salad vegetables with dips, home-roasted kurmuras, bhel, non-buttered popcorn, dry fruits, sprouts. Get fit while you work. More tomorrow.

Incorporate exercise within your work-schedule. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car a short distance from the office & walk. Moderate changes tomorrow.

Don’t revamp eating habits over-night. Begin to remedy excesses with moderate changes that can result in lifelong healthy eating habits. Look out for hot tips on cold beverages.

Have beverages like soya milk, vegetables or fruit juices, natural water, aloe vera juice. Cut down on tea, coffee & aerated waters. Swim & stay trim. More tomorrow.

Swimming is a complete work-out that burns calories without pounding your joints. Mickey Mehta can teach you to befriend water & swim in less than 24 hours. Vedic diets tomorrow.

Have vedic diets which are completely vegetarian with lots of fruits and vegetable juices, sprouts and hot water with ginger and honey. Tomorrow learn about importance of colour in food.

Red and orange foods stimulate the nervous system. Green foods balance the body’s acid and alkaline levels. Purple foods are soothing. Holistic health in a nutshell tomorrow.

DAY 10
Continue eating natural, fresh, unprocessed foods & abstain from alcohol & nicotine. Take a brisk walk daily for 30 minutes. You will feel lighter on your feet & brighter in your head.

DAY 11
Hope you are progressing well. Have a lot of fruits. They are free from colours, preservatives and emulsifiers. Avoid bananas, grapes, chickoos & mangoes. Befriend water tomorrow.

DAY 12
Drink 2 litres of water daily. A glass of water can take the edge of hunger for 15-20 minutes. By drinking water instead of colas, coffee & shakes, you can dodge hundreds of calories.

DAY 13
Herbs like tulsi, wheat grass, aloe vera, ginseng bolster immunity and suppress infections. Garlic of a powerful natural antibiotic. Ginger has anti-infective abilities.

DAY 14
Have a fist of nuts instead of high calorie snacks. Nuts are high in unsaturated fat which is beneficial for blood cholesterol. They have adequate amounts of proteins and minerals.

DAY 15
Dinner should always be light and free of all carbohydrates. Finish dinner at least 3-4 hours before you sleep. Have soups and salads. The health benefits of vegan diets tomorrow.

DAY 16
Vegan diets eliminate meat, dairy products and eggs. Substitute soya milk for cow’s milk. Kicking meat helps cut the risk of cancer, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

DAY 17
Make very gradual changes in your diet. There are no ‘superfoods’ and don’t expect to revamp your eating habits overnight. Begin to remedy excesses with moderate changes.

DAY 18
Instead of eating 3 meals a day, have 4-5 small meals. Eat every 3-4 hours to regularize blood sugar levels. Never skip meals especially breakfast. Don’t eat while watching TV.

DAY 19
The glycemic index of foods influences blood sugar after a meal. Eat foods with low GI that is slow carbohydrates like wholemeal bread / pasta, boiled potatoes, unpolished rise.

DAY 20
Cut down on hidden salts. Avoid sauces, ketch-up, chips, papads, pickles, canned & tinned foods as these contain a lot of salt. The health benefits of soya tomorrow.

DAY 21
Soya contains phytoestrogens that help prevent breast and ovarian cancers. Soya milk is a good substitute for other high-protein drinks. Have tofu instead of paneer.

DAY 22
Bananas are good for hypertensives as they are high in potassium and low in sodium. They are rich in fibre and restore normal bowel movement. They provide instant energy.

DAY 23
Cut down on alcohol and aerated waters as they provide only empty calories. A better choice would be vegetable juices, coconut water, herbal teas and unsweetened fruit juices.

DAY 24
Physical activity helps to distress. People often over-eat to overcome feelings of boredom, depression, anxiety. Exercise releases endorphins or feel-good hormones.

DAY 25
Curb the use of oil in cooking. Use no more than 1 tables-spoon oil in the entire day. Switch over rice-brand oil. Cook in non-stick woks Grill, sauté & bake instead of deep-frying.

DAY 26
Cut down on non-vegetarian foods. They cause obesity, heart disease & colon cancers. Avoid red meats & organ meats. Cut out all the visible fat from the meat. Have egg whites & fish.

DAY 27
Small tips go a long way in reducing weight. Eat in small plates and eat slowly. Put your fork down after every bite. No second helpings. Stop eating before you are completely full.

DAY 28
Use garlic as it has immune enhancing compounds that inactivate carcinogens in the liver. It lowers the risk of stomach and colon cancers. Use it in salads, sauces, marinades.

DAY 29
Limit salt intake to less than 2,500 mg a day. Have rock salt instead of the regular salt. Throw the salt-shaker away to limit the salt intake. Use lime instead with your food.

DAY 30
Hope you had a healthy month. These changes in diet and lifestyle have to be incorporated on a life-long basis to show results & to reap benefits.

DAY 31
Fad diets come and go. Vedic ‘satvic’ diets are here to stay. Foods consumed in their unaltered state deliver energy to the body. Face the right direction & become thinner tomorrow.

DAY 32
Our bodies are influenced by the forces of the cosmos. To combat weight gain face East while exercising. This increases the metabolic rate. Rotate your neck and limbs clockwise.

DAY 33
Get active and start moving. Jogging, walking, yoga, pilates & aerobics releases endorphins and helps relieve stress. Splash your way to fitness tomorrow.

DAY 34
Aqua aerobics improves muscle tone. It is kind to the ligaments and facilitates strength to injured joints and muscles. Breathe well to improve mental health.

DAY 35
To improve mental clarity breathe consciously. If you are confused, take a few deep breaths. When faced with anxiety breathe deeply and confidence will be regained.

DAY 36
A well-balanced diet sufficient in calcium, proteins, vitamins and minerals mask signs of ageing. Consume fruits and vegetable juices. Benefits of vegan diets tomorrow.

DAY 37
Vegan diets which eliminate meat, eggs and dairy products reduce the risk of illness. They cut the risk of obesity, diabetes and cancer. Replace cow’s milk by soya milk.

DAY 38
Choose foods that are alive like fresh fruits, veggies, sprouts, seeds, nuts, herbs and roots. These positively influence your body and mind, harnessing the thought processes.

DAY 39
Get rid of body heat by having lots of cucumber juice with mint or coriander leaves. Avoid spices and drink lots of coconut water. Tips on soothing frayed nerves tomorrow.

DAY 40
Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to soothe frayed nerves. For effective temper control breathe consciously. When you are about to get angry, take a few deep breathes.

DAY 41
Say ‘no’ to second helpings. Never take another helping of the same. Eat something else that is much healthier and lighter. The truth about fibre tomorrow.

DAY 42
Avoid too much fibre as that can cause bloating and flatulence. Have lot of water along with a high fibre diet as it helps in forming a bulk. Increase fibre intake gradually.

DAY 43
Stay away from any abuses to the body like smoking, drinking, drugs, non-vegetarian food and dairy products. Your body stays healthy if kept unabused. Generate energy tomorrow.

Day 44
Do generative things like working out, creating more cells, generating and liberating energy, aligning your chakras and your 3 selves – mind, body and soul.

DAY 45
The benefits of vegetarianism helps at mental and spiritual levels. It helps strengthen the body, mind and spirit. Turn vegetarian today. Look out for tips on yoga tomorrow.

DAY 46
Practice yoga regularly. It’s a holistic practice that tones and invigorates the whole body. It helps create a balance of mind, body and spirit. Health benefits of soya tomorrow.

DAY 47
Consume for soya which is a good high protein substitute to meat. It contains phytoestrogens that help to prevent breast and ovarian cancers. Go natural tomorrow.

DAY 48
Eat foods that are simple, fresh and unprocessed. They are preservative free, free from mood-altering chemicals. This enhances mental, physical and spiritual health.

DAY 49
Replace garnishes like cheese and cream with lemon juice. Lemon juice with warm water first thing in the morning is a healthy way to start the day. Tips on staying active tomorrow.

DAY 50
Stay as active as possible. Incorporate as much physical activity as you possibly can. It helps beat stress, controls your appetite and keeps your weight in check.

DAY 51
Avoid refined sugar. Sugar-rich diets cause sagging of skin as sugar damages collagen. Have citrus fruits rich in vitamin C, a collagen booster. It keeps the skin looking young.

DAY 52
As a rule avoid foods that are white in colour. That includes sugar, rice, pasta, bread and maida. Switch to whole-wheat options like brown or red rice, whole-wheat pasta & bread.

DAY 53
Never starve in order to lose weight. Starvation results in the body storing more fat. Instead eat healthy and in moderation. The truth about anti-oxidants tomorrow.

DAY 54
Eat foods that are rich in anti-oxidants like spinach, tomatoes, papaya. They delay the signs of ageing and also protect your eyes. Some practical diet tips tomorrow.

DAY 55
Follow a few practical diet tips which go a long way in aiding weight loss. Put your fork down after every bite. Eat in small plates and do not eat in front of the television.

DAY 56
Pilates is a challenging mind-body experience. It helps tone muscles, improve posture, provides flexibility and harmonises the mind and body. Practice pilates regularly.

DAY 57
Drink 2-3 litres of clean and pure water which is enriched with natural minerals. This improves circulation and also purifies, cleanses and detoxifies the digestive system.

DAY 58
Completely avoid aerated waters and colas from your diet. They have only empty calories and do not provide any nutrients to the body. They also deplete the bones of calcium.

DAY 59
Start the day with suryanamaskar (sun salutation). 1 set of suryanamaskar provides a complete body stretch. If this set is done more than once it is a good cardio exercise.

DAY 60
Practice meditation regularly. It helps relieve stress, rejuvenates you and helps improve your focus. It helps soothe frayed nerves and helps create harmony.

Choosing the Best Louisville Elderly Homecare

Homecare services Choosing The Best Nursing Facility For You Loved One

Health Care Plan

Ineffective Breathing Pattern Care Plan

Ineffective Breathing Pattern as inspiration and/or expiration that does not provide adequate ventilation.

Ineffective Breathing Pattern related to :

  • Pain
  • Aspiration
  • Immobility
  • Decreased energy and fatigue
  • Neuromuscular impairment (e.g., Multiple Sclerosis, Guillain-Barre)
  • Anesthesia
  • History of smoking
  • Medications (narcotics, sedatives, analgesics)
  • Tracheobronchial Obstruction
  • COPD
  • Allergic response
  • Decreased lung compliance
  • Surgery of trauma

Evidenced by :

  • Dyspnea
  • Tachypnea
  • Respiratory depth changes
  • Use of accessory muscles
  • Bradypnea
  • Cyanosis
  • Hyperpnea
  • Nasal flaring
  • Increased anteroposterior chest diameter
  • Pursed-lip breathing or prolonged expiratory phase
  • Orthopnea
  • Cough
  • Grunting
  • Altered chest excursion
  • Abnormal arterial blood gas (ABG)
  • Irregular or paradoxical breathing


  • Effective breathing pattern

Expected Results:

  • There was no increased work of breathing
  • There is no use of accessory muscles / retractions and asymmetrical chest expansion
  • There was no dyspnea and cyanosis
  • Blood Gas Analysis within normal limits
  • Vital signs within normal limits
  • No additional breath sounds

Nursing Interventions – Ineffective Breathing Pattern Care Plan :

  • Review the causes of respiratory failure
  • Observations of breathing patterns
  • Auscultation of lung sounds periodically, note the quality of breath sounds, wheezing, expiratory lengthening and observation symmetry chest movement
  • Determine the location and extent of crackles in the sternum
  • Ensure breathing in harmony and there is no resistance (Fighting)
  • Have resuscitation equipment close to the client, perform manual ventilation if necessary

Health Education:

  • Teach the client and family relaxation techniques to increase effective breathing pattern
  • Teach how to cough effectively
  • Talk about home-care plan


  • Ventilator settings and adjust the ventilator pattern with the client’s condition
  • Observation konsintrasi oxygen (Fi O2) is given
  • Encourage deep breath through the abdomen during the period of respiratory distress
  • Record the pressure and the airway pressure waveform monitor
  • Ensure moisture and air temperature of inspiration and periodically checks
  • Set and check the ventilator alarm
Health Care Plan

Nursing Care Plan for Hyperthermia

Nursing Care Plan for Hyperthermia



Circumstances where an individual experiencing or at risk of increased body temperature continuously above 37.8 by 38.8 º C orally or rectally as an increased susceptibility to external factors.

Related factors:

Associated with decreased ability to sweat:
(Special Treatment)

Related to exposure to heat (sun)
Related to clothing that does not fit with the climate
Related to a decrease in circulation:
Extreme weight
Insufficiency associated with hydration for strenuous activities
Related to temperature regulation ineffective:
Premature Babies

Evidenced by

Temperature over 37.8° C (100° F) orally, or 38.8° C (101° F) rectally
Flushed skin
Warm to touch
Increased respiratory rate
Shivering/goose pimples
Loss of appetite

Expected outcomes:

Individuals will:
1. Identifying risk factors to hyperthermia.
2. Connecting method of prevention of hyperthermia.
3. Maintaining body temperature within normal limits.

Nursing Care Plan for Hyperthermia – Interventions :

1. Teach clients the importance of maintaining adequate fluid intake (at least 2000 ml / day unless there are contraindications to heart or kidney disease) to prevent dehydration
2. Monitor input and output.
3. Assess whether clothing or bedcovers too warm for the environment or the planned activities.
4. Teach the importance of increased fluid intake during hot weather and exercise
5. Explain why children and the elderly more at risk of hyperthermia.
6. Explain the need to avoid alcohol, caffeine, and eat a lot of weight and food during hot weather.
7. Explain the importance of wearing baggy clothes, thin and absorbs perspiration
8. Teach early signs of hyperthermia or heat stroke: Skin redness, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite.

Nursing Care Plan for Pain

Neonatal Jaundice Discharge Planning Applications